Celebrating The History & Visual Arts of Bronzeville

"Tracing Our Path Through Bronzeville" is a 
A documentary that reintroduces us to the cultural traditions that emerged from the Bronzeville community. This tradition challenged the status quo through activisim, visual arts, literature, and academic research.
"Tracing Our Path Through Bronzeville" will highlight the contributions of various cultural institutions in Bronzeville and African American artists that attempted to redefine the image and voice of black culture.

This particular documentary will highlight the rich history of Bronzeville, and ideologies that dehumanized and perpetuated negative stereotypes of people of African decent, and the importance of the imagery and symbolism that defines the African American experience.
​Furthermore, this documentary will  discuss the responsibility of the artist to the community, metaphysical aspects of art, and the historical role that African and African American art played in the educational and socialization process for children. Last but not least, "Tracing Our Path Therough Bronzeville" will explain why positive images of African Americans is critical to the advancement of the African American community and consciousness.